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Opened in September of 2021, Mamba Collectibles is your premier destination for sports cards, Pokemon, Magic the gathering, and all necessary collecting supplies in the Eastern Panhandle. Our main goal is to bring the hobby that I loved so much, back to the area I call home. 


Mamba Collectibles reconnects owner with passion from youth

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MARTINSBURG — Tucked down the alley beside Berkeley Plaza Theatre is one of the county’s newest businesses, Mamba Collectibles, the brainchild of owner John Ciriello, who is bringing his passions to the community.

Filled with cards from sports to Pokemon to Yu-Gi-Oh, with collectible sneakers and Funko Pops, the business pays homage to one of Ciriello’s favorite hobbies as a youth, finding a love in collectible basketball cards.

However, life got in the way, taking Ciriello away from the hobby, only for him to reconnect with it during COVID-19.

“My last year of collecting was my last year in high school,” he said. “Then, I went to college, got a job, got married, had kids. Then, COVID happened, and then, it started getting busy again. I was like, ‘I’ve always liked to do it but haven’t.’ I started collecting again, and it was a big giant snowball.”

Ciriello recalled a conversation with his friends who own the property, the thought of opening a store becoming more and more of a driving force in his life.

“‘Do you think you have a hole here somewhere? I have an idea,’” he laughed, recalling the conversation. “Then it just snowballed from there. Literally, that talk was on like Aug. 1, and here we are on Sept. 29, and I’ve been open for two weeks.”

Ciriello explained the card industry had been on a stall for some time, but when the pandemic hit, the industry hit a peak as individuals sought entertainment in different ways. Since then, there has been a decline but one that has still plateaued at a much better place than before as interest in cards and collectibles has been renewed.

With that renewed interest, the industry has welcomed a diverse and exciting crowd of people, Ciriello loving to see the variety of customers that walk through the door and the connection the shared interest brings.